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What is Sen index of poverty?

The Sen index (S) is defined by the combination of three distinct measures of poverty: the poverty rate ( ); the poverty gap ratio ( ); and the inequality of incomes among the poor as measured by the Gini index ( ) (Sen 1976. 1976.

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Besides, what is poverty according to Sen?

Traditionally, poverty has been defined by an individual's level of income. A better approach is to see poverty as what Nobel Prize economist Amartya Sen describes as the deprivation of a person's capabilities to live the life they have reason to value.

Beside above, how does Amartya Sen describe poverty? Amartya Sen (1983), on the other hand, emphasized that poverty is not just relative, but also absolute. He defined poverty as a failure to achieve certain minimum capabilities and, according to him, the lack of capabilities is absolute. However, capabilities are not fixed over time or over societies.

One may also ask, who developed Sen?

laureate Amartya Sen

What are the types of poverty?

However you define it, poverty is complex; it does not mean the same thing for all people. For the purposes of this book, we can identify six types of poverty: situational, generational, absolute, relative, urban, and rural. Situational poverty is generally caused by a sudden crisis or loss and is often temporary.

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