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What is scrollbar in Java?

Java AWT Scrollbar. The object of Scrollbar class is used to add horizontal and vertical scrollbar. Scrollbar is a GUI component allows us to see invisible number of rows and columns.

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Likewise, people ask, what is scrollbar and what is its use?

scroll bar. A vertical bar on the right side of a window or a horizontal bar at the bottom of a window that is used to move the window contents up and down or left and right. The bar contains a "thumb", which looks like an elevator in a shaft.

what is the scroll bar called? NET documentation refers to it as "scroll box" or "scroll thumb"; in other environments it is called "elevator", "quint", "puck", "wiper" or "grip"; in certain environments where browsers use agnostic language to the scrollbar terminology, the thumb is referred to as the 'pea' for vertical movement of the bar and still

In this regard, how do you make a scrollbar in Java?

To create a scrollbar in swing, you use JScrollBar class. You can create either vertical or horizontal scrollbar.

The slider's position of scrollbar can be changed by:

  1. Dragging the slider up and down or left and right.
  2. Pushing on either of two arrow buttons.
  3. Clicking the paging area.

Which event class can be used for scrollbar?

Scrollbar class is used to create a horizontal and vertical Scrollbar. A Scrollbar can be added to a top-level container like Frame or a component like Panel. Scrollbar class is another component in the AWT package which extends the Component class.

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