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What is screen gain mean?

Every screen product on the market has a "gain" factor. Gain is a measurement of the reflectivity of any screen or projection surface. The gain number represents a ratio of the light that is reflected from the screen as compared to the light reflected from a standard white (magnesium oxide) board.

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Herein, what is high gain projector screen?

A screen with a gain measurement of greater than 1.0 infers that the image projected back off of the surface is brighter than the image being projected at the surface. For example; a projector screen with a gain of 1.5 will project back the light 1.5x brighter than the light being projected at the screen.

Subsequently, question is, how is projector screen gain measured?

  1. Determine the area of your projection screen. Divide the inch measurements by 12 and then multiply the width times the height.
  2. Divide your projector's lumens by the screen's area from step 1. For simplicity, assume that he projector has a 1000 lumens output.
  3. Find the image luminance.

Also know, does the projector screen make a difference?

The biggest advantage of buying a projector screen is that it gives you more control than you'd get with a bare wall. A perfectly smooth wall is great, but any minor imperfections could harm your projected image. The color of your wall will be the biggest factor.

What is the best surface to project onto?

  • Canvas-like surfaces are ideal for projection.
  • Glass surfaces are very tricky and won't reflect a projected image.
  • Grey and white surfaces are better than those that are painted other colors.
  • Textures can alter the way a gobo appears and make the projection less sharp.

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