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What is resilient channel?

Resilient channel is a thin metal channel that is intelligently designed to substantially improve the sound insulation of drywall, sheetrock, plasterboard walls and ceilings. The channel effectively isolates drywall from the framing studwork, which results in the weakening of sound waves substantially.

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Herein, how much resilient channel do I need?

For walls, the channel spacing is 24 inches on center. For ceilings, the spacing is determined by the support framing. If the spacing of the support framing is 24 inches on center, then the resilient channels should be 16 inches on center.

Furthermore, what is the difference between Hat channel and resilient channel? You can tell the difference between Hat Channel and Resilient Channel because resilient channel will have holes on the sides while the hat channel is solid.

Beside this, are resilient channel worth it?

Resilient channels are very affordable and if you choose wisely, their performance will be more than effective for the price. While they may not be the best choice for sound insulation of your house, they are a great choice for hotel rooms or apartment buildings, for instance.

How thick is resilient channel?

Resilient channel may be used to reduce sound transmission from gypsum to steel framing member assemblies. Resilient Channel is available in 1-/4” screw flanges. Resilient channel is available in 18 and 30 mil thicknesses (25-20ga.). Standard channel lengths are 12 foot long.

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