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What is regex in hive?

The Hadoop Hive regular expression functions identify precise patterns of characters in the given string and are useful for extracting string from the data and validation of the existing data, for example, validate date, range checks, checks for characters, and extract specific characters from the data.

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Moreover, what is Rlike in hive?

RLIKE (Right-Like) is a special function in Hive where if any substring of A matches with B then it evaluates to true. It also obeys Java regular expression pattern.

One may also ask, what is Collect_list in hive? collect_set(col) Returns a set of objects(array) with duplicate elements eliminated. collect_list(col) Returns a list of objects(array) with duplicates. (As of Hive 0.13.

Secondly, what are the functions in hive?

Some of the built-in functions are:

  • Mathematical/Numerical Functions.
  • Collection Functions.
  • String Functions.
  • Date Function. It is necessary to have data format in hive to prevent Null error in the output.
  • Conditional Functions.
  • Regular UDF.
  • User-Defined Aggregate Function.
  • User-Defined Table Generating Functions.

How does limit work in hive?

LIMIT Clause The first argument specifies the offset of the first row to return (as of Hive 2.0. 0) and the second specifies the maximum number of rows to return.

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