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What is Radiolucency in a tooth?

Background: Periapical radiolucency is the radiographic sign of inflammatory bone lesions around the apex of the tooth. Periapical radiolucency was defined as the presence of radiolucency or widening of the periapical periodontal ligament space to more than twice the normal width.

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Hereof, what does Radiolucency mean?

Radiolucent: Permeable to one or another form of radiation, such as X-rays. Radiolucent objects do not block radiation but let it pass. Plastic is usually radiolucent. The opposite of radiolucent is radiopaque.

Furthermore, what does a shadow on a tooth mean? Often times during a routine dental evaluation dark or bright white spots will appear on dental x-rays. Impacted teeth such as third molars or wisdom teeth can lead to the formation of cysts and tumors. Repeating the x-ray from your dentist can help distinguish shadows or other positional issues from true problems.

Also to know is, what causes Radiolucency in teeth?

These causes can range from being endodontic, restorative, periodontic, occlusion, patient's habit (i.e. tongue ring), trauma, etc. Often, teeth with prior root canal treatment that present with large radiolucencies require a commitment from the patient and the treating doctor.

Will an xray show a dead tooth?

Early treatment to fix a dead tooth is vital. Even if a person is not feeling pain at first, if they suspect they have a dead tooth they should seek medical advice as it could become extremely painful. An X-ray will often help a dentist diagnose a dead tooth.

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