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What is Q tag?

HTML <q> tag
When writing in HTML, the <q> tag is an inline element used to designate that the enclosed text is a short quotation. It is useful when you need to put a quote onto a web page that doesn't require paragraph breaks. For longer sections of quoted text, use the <blockquote> tag.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is Q tag in HTML?

HTML 5 <q> Tag The HTML <q> tag is used for indicating short quotations (i.e. quotations that needs to display within a non-quoted paragraph). Browsers generally surround <q> text with quotation marks. Most browsers surround blockquote text as indented text.

Subsequently, question is, what is code tag in HTML? The HTML <code> tag is used for indicating a piece of code. The code tag surrounds the code being marked up. The code being marked up could represent an XML element name, a filename, a computer program, or any other string that a computer would recognize.

Accordingly, what is the use of blockquote tag in HTML?

The blockquote element is used to indicate the quotation of a large section of text from another source. Using the default HTML styling of most web browsers, it will indent the right and left margins both on the display and in printed form, but this may be overridden by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

How do you use Q tag?

To use the Q-Tag, Qantas passengers need to either scan their 'elite level' frequent flyer card, or their mobile phone boarding pass (which works for non-elite frequent flyers and frequent flyers). Once a passenger's card, or mobile boarding pass, is scanned, the information is linked to the Q-Tag … and the bag is off.

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