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What is push pull recovery of refrigerant?

The push-pull recovery method is used for transferring large volumes of liquid refrigerant. The recovery unit “pulls” vapor from the recovery cylinder and produces high-pressure discharge gas that “pushes” liquid out of the HVAC system and back into the recovery cylinder.

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Also to know is, how long does it take to recover refrigerant?

There is no magic here - you are simply using your recovery machine to make a refrigerator where the tank is the evaporator. Five to 10 minutes of chilling produces some very dramatic tank cooling, depending on conditions. The greater the quantity of refrigerant in the tank, the longer the process will take.

Secondly, can you recover refrigerant without a recovery machine? Technicians have their set of machines which can solve the issue quickly. But, if you want an absolute and most straightforward, as well as the cheapest way to recover refrigerant to be in EPA compliance without buying any machines, then you should try some gauges & tanks.

In this regard, how do you restore refrigerant with a recovery machine?


  1. Start with all valves closed (recovery cylinder, recovery machine, manifold, hoses.)
  2. Setup hoses as shown in the diagram.
  3. ZERO/TARE the refrigerant scale.
  4. Set the recovery machine to recover.
  5. PURGE THE HOSES OF AIR (this is done a little bit differently than in direct recovery.)
  6. Turn on the recovery machine.

How do you speed up refrigerant recovery?

Always recover refrigerant with an in-line filter dryer. Always pump liquid out of the system first; then recover the remaining vapors. This will speed up recovery rates significantly. With large amounts of refrigerant, use the liquid push-pull recovery method.

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