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What is primitive medicine?

ANY discussion of so-called "primitive medicine" must begin with an essential clarification. When one speaks of primitive medicine, one refers to a special body of traditional knowledge which compared with that of the present appears crude and undeveloped.

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Considering this, what is ancient medicine?

Animal Dung Ointments. The ancient Egyptians had a remarkably well-organized medical system, complete with doctors who specialized in healing specific ailments. Most disgusting of all, Egyptian physicians used human and animal excrement as a cure-all remedy for diseases and injuries.

Subsequently, question is, who was the first to discover medicine? Hippocrates

Subsequently, question is, what was the first form of medicine?

3300 BC – During the Stone Age, early doctors used very primitive forms of herbal medicine. 3000 BC – Ayurveda The origins of Ayurveda have been traced back to around 4,000 BCE. c. 2600 BC – Imhotep the priest-physician who was later deified as the Egyptian god of medicine.

Who treated the sick in prehistoric times?

The medicine man or shaman Medicine men, also known as witch doctors or shamans, existed in some prehistoric communities. They were in charge of their tribe's health and gathered plant-based medications, mainly herbs and roots, carried out rudimentary surgery, and cast spells and charms.

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