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What is premium plus seating at IPIC?

Unlimited free popcorn is included in the price for Premium Plus (VIP) seats. Premium seats are closer to the screen, do not recline, and do not include waiter service. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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Also know, what comes with premium seating at IPIC?

The high rollers in "Premium Plus" get the full-service treatment with reclining, padded chairs, a pillow and that blanket. They also have their (pre-ordered) food and drink delivered to their table by a server plus as much popcorn as they care to eat. These seats cost $20 plus an additional VIP Fee.

Also Know, what is the VIP fee at IPIC? Premium Plus seats, on the other hand, cost USD $17 along with a USD $12 VIP fee for a total of USD $29. (Presumably, the split of the VIP fee from movie tickets is so that iPic won't have to share this revenue with distributors, unlike ticket sales.)

Accordingly, do IPIC premium seats recline?

While the premium seats do not recline, unlike the Premium Plus seats.

Do you get free popcorn at IPIC?

2 answers. Yes, you get free, unlimited popcorn if you buy premium seats, as well as bar and food waiter service directly to your seats. If you sit in the cushy area in front of the recliners, you can buy food, drinks and popcorn at the bar and bring it in.

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