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What is Positionality in social work?

Positionality refers to one's social location and worldview which influences how one responds to power differentials in various contexts. This construct is important for social work, as one's positionality impacts how one approaches work with clients, community engagement, and policy-making.

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Simply so, what is my Positionality?

Positionality is the social and political context that creates your identity in terms of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability status. Positionality also describes how your identity influences, and potentially biases, your understanding of and outlook on the world.

Additionally, what is a Positionality statement? It can be a very powerful experience to prepare a reflexivity (aka positionality) statement—one that tells your professional autobiography and how you came to be the researcher you are today. A longer statement, of approximately three to five pages, can give you space to really explore some of these issues.

Just so, what does Positionality mean in research?

Positionality refers to the stance or positioning of the researcher in relation to the social and political context of the study—the community, the organization or the participant group.

What is intersectionality and Positionality?

al.'s (2010) work on social identity development and its' impact on classroom climate, our approach to faculty professional development recognizes core principles of positionality and intersectionality. Positionality refers to the how differences in social position and power shape identities and access in society.

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