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What is Pond Dye made of?

The vast majority of pond dyes and pond colorants are made primarily from blue dyes (such as acid blue #9 or similar) and some companies blend a smaller amount of yellow dye, resulting in a more greenish tint to the water.

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Correspondingly, is Pond Dye toxic?

Yes, all high quality pond dyes should be safe for fish and plants. The active dye ingredient is usually food-grade (the same dye used in our food as colorant) and is non-toxic to fish, wildlife, and plants. Most dyes are also non-staining, so you won't notice any stains appearing around the pond edges.

One may also ask, will pond dye kill algae? Dyes are found to be most effective in controlling filamentous and blue-green algae. It is important to note that there are some things an aquatic dye won't do. Aquatic dyes are not herbicides, and it is unreasonable to expect these dyes to kill the plants in your pond.

One may also ask, is Pond dye safe for fish?

Water from ponds that use dye can be used for irrigation of all crops and watering livestock or pets as well. Fish from dyed ponds are in fact safe to eat. Recreational swimming is safe too. Swimming in dyed ponds once the dye has diluted to the proper level will not result in stained clothes, skin, or hair.

How long does pond dye last?

On average, a single application lasts 6-8 weeks, depending on a pond/lake's water turnover ratio, the rate at which existing liquid cycles out as new liquid cycles in. In closed systems, such as those found in ornamental ponds, a single application may last longer than 6-8 weeks.

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