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What is Pompey famous for?

Pompey (106–48 bc), Roman general and statesman, known as Pompey the Great. He founded the First Triumvirate, but later quarrelled with Julius Caesar, who defeated him at the battle of Pharsalus. He then fled to Egypt, where he was murdered.

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In respect to this, why was Pompey called the Great?

Pompey the Great earned the nickname Magnus (“Great”) during Sulla's second civil war. Although his father had fought for Sulla's enemy Gaius Marius in the first civil war, Pompey joined Sulla in 83 BCE with three legions.

Also, was Pompey a good ruler? Pompey The Great: One Of Rome's Greatest Commanders. Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus (c. 106-48 BC) is remembered as Julius Caesar's sometime ally and later enemy in both politics and war. Pompey, who Pliny compared in his military skill to Alexander the Great, was a formidable commander in his own right.

Consequently, where was Pompey the Great born?


Why was Pompey killed?

The other reason why they killed him comes down the Romans who were already in the young Pharaohs army. The same Roman who was previously lead by Pompey years earlier. The fear was that Pompey would use these troops to him own end and thus weakening the Pharaohs army significantly.

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