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What is plug love about?

A woman discovers the true definition of love and puts an end to her relationship with her cheating fiancé.

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Similarly, is the movie plug love based on a true story?

While in an unfaithful relationship with her fiance, she stumbles upon the true definition of real love from another man. Based on the acclaimed novel by danielle marcus and directed by derek scott. Plug love is a urban love story. When a woman realize that being cheated on is not worth the finer things in life.

Furthermore, where is Murda pain from? Detroit, MI

Keeping this in view, who plays Carmen plug love?

Cast (in credits order)

Murda Pain Murda (as Murda Payne)
Jessica R. Ryan Carmen (as Jessica Ryan)
NuNu Thurman Rachel
Vito Million Gelo
Demaris Harvey Officer Jacob

What year did plug love come out?

July 17, 2017

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