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What is Planoly?

Planoly is a visual planning tool that allowsInstagram users to create calendars to plan their content, curatethe content of others, schedule posts, analyze engagements and evengrow an Instagram team.

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Moreover, is Planoly approved by Instagram?

Planoly is an official Instagram partner,which means that although it is a third-party app, it is 100% safeto use and has been approved by Instagram.

Also Know, how many accounts can you have on Planoly? Free Plan. Our FREE plan has a limit of 30 uploads (notscheduled posts) per month that resets the 1st of each month.However, there are some details about the uploads that youshould know about, so you don't go over your limit. Youcan choose from either an Instagram or Pinterestaccount.

Regarding this, what is Planoly app?

Planoly is the first visual planner and schedulerfor Instagram. We're the end to end visual management platform forInstagram. Manage your Instagram's marketing campaigns and contentvisually before pushing it live. View your data and engagementrates for each post.

Is later for Instagram FREE?

A free plan provides you with 30 posts per monthper profile, 1 Social Profile per platform, includingInstagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and 1 User.Also, because Later is an Instagram Partner and usesthe Instagram Graph API for publishing to Instagram,autopublishing with Later is 100% safe!

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