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What is PG III placard?

Placards. PG III (Packing Group III): May be used instead of POISON placard on 454 kg (1001 lb) or more gross weight of Poison PG III materials (see Assignment of packing groups and hazard zones below).

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Similarly, what is the major hazard of Class 3 substances?

Class 3 Dangerous Goods Flammable Liquids. Class 3 dangerous goods are flammable liquids with flash points no more than 60 celcius degrees. It covers liquid substances, molten solid substances with a flash point above 60 celcius degrees and liquid desensitized explosives.

One may also ask, what is a Class 6 Hazard? Hazard Class 6 consists of two divisions: Division 6.1 includes toxic substances, poisons, and irritating material. Examples of Division 6.2 materials include infectious substances, biological products, regulated medical waste, sharps medical waste, used health care products, and forensic materials.

Keeping this in view, what is PG II?

Hazardous materials classified as Class 3 (Packing Group, PG II and III) is flammable liquid with low flash point (e.g., perfume, food flavorings, paint, adhesives, printing ink, cleaning supplies, and personal care products) [1].

When can you use a dangerous placard?

The use of the DANGEROUS placard is to be used for shipments of two or more hazardous materials found in Table 2 only. Finally, when 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs) or more of one category of material is loaded at one loading facility.

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