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What is personal offense coverage?

Adding personal offense or personal injury coverage to your homeowner's policy can extend liability coverage for things that you say and print that lead to libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy. The coverage is either called “Personal Injury” or “Personal Offense”.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is a personal offense?

Personal crimes are crimes that are perpetrated against an individual. These can include assault, battery, false imprisonment, kidnapping, homicide, and rape. Rape also involves a number of categories, which can include statutory rape, sexual assault and many other types of sexual offenses.

Subsequently, question is, what does personal & advertising injury mean? Personal and advertising injury involves categories of harm for which general liability insurance and business owner's policies provide coverage. Personal injury includes: False arrest, detention, or imprisonment. Malicious prosecution. Wrongful eviction.

Also, what does personal and advertising injury cover?

Advertising Injury — a general liability coverage, combined in standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies with personal injury (PI) coverage, that insures the following offenses in connection with the insured's advertising of its goods or services: libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement,

Is not covered by the CGL coverage b personal and advertising injury?

Claims that result from offenses (such as patent infringement) not included in the definition of personal and advertising injury aren't covered. To be insured under Coverage B, a claim must seek damages for personal and advertising injury caused by an offense that arises out of your business.

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