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What is ove glove made of?

Made of Nomex & Kevlar by DuPont (aka the durable fabric firefighters use), this baking glove is flame-retardant and can (so the infomercial claims) withstand heat up to 540°F.

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Furthermore, is the Ove Glove fireproof?

Made from Kevlar & Nomex by DuPont, the same material that fire fighter's flame resistant clothing is made from the Ove Glove can withstand temperatures of up to 540 degrees. You can dramatically extend the time you can handle hot objects.

is the Ove Glove washable? Machine-Washable Wash the Ove Glove in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent in hot water. Before washing, pretreat any stains with a dab of liquid laundry detergent or your favorite stain remover. After washing, set it on a flat towel to air-dry.

Then, how much is the Ove Glove?

This item 'Ove' Glove, Heat Resistant, Hot Surface Handler Oven Mitt/Grilling Glove, (Pack of 2) Perfect for Kitchen/Grilling, 540 Degree Resistance, As Seen On TV Household Gift
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Do silicone oven mitts work?

Silicone oven gloves are heat-resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them much safer than ordinary fabric gloves. Silicone gloves are completely waterproof, providing excellent protection from steam and hot liquids. They provide a good grip which helps prevent slipping and dropping.

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