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What is Oracle Atgcommerce?

All applications described in this guide run on the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform (the ATG platform), which is a highly customizable, configurable framework for building and supporting Web sites, particularly sites used for e-commerce.

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Just so, what does Oracle ATG stand for?

Art Technology Group

One may also ask, what is ATG nucleus? Nucleus is Oracle ATG Web Commerce's component model for building applications from JavaBeans. Nucleus organizes application components into a hierarchy, and assigns a name to each component, based on its position in the hierarchy.

Likewise, people ask, what is ATG application?

ATG commerce is Oracle product which provides rapid development environment for E- Commerce applications. It is used by high scale web sites. Java is used for coding ATG. It is highly scalable. Some of the companies which use ATG are Nike, BestBuy, ATNT, Walmart.

What is Endeca Oracle?

Oracle Endeca Server is a hybrid search-analytical database. Oracle Endeca Server is designed for discovery. Through its flexible data model, columnar storage, and in-memory analytics, it unifies search, navigation, and analytics to deliver fast answers on structured and unstructured data.

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