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What is one of the most important leisure activities for Germans?

Leisure gives economy a boost
Jogging, Nordic Walking, skating, and cycling are all popular, but Germans also enjoy unusual sports such as bungee jumping, deep sea fishing, and boxing. All this leisure activity is a boon for the economy.

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Also, what activities do Germans do?

What Germans do in their free time

  • There's always time for TV. In surveys over the past three decades, watching TV has been Germans' unchallenged most popular pastime.
  • Turn on the radio.
  • Surfing and chatting to relax.
  • Staying informed.
  • Music anytime and everywhere.
  • No time for sex.
  • Less social interaction.

Also, what is the most popular leisure activity in the world? Most popular leisure activities among adults in the United States as of September 2013

Share of respondents
Spending time with family and friends 18%
Watching/going to the movies 11%
Exercise/working out 10%
Playing video games and computer/internet games 10%

People also ask, what are the most common pastimes in Germany?

Private recreation typically includes spectator amusements and sports (especially football), active sports and physical exercise, automobile excursions, the pursuit of hobbies, visits with friends and family, and the long-favoured German pastime of walking or hiking.

What Germany is famous for?

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany has a population of over 83 million people and Berlin is the capital and biggest city. It is internationally known for the Oktoberfest, car brands, football, and many other things.

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