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What is non differential misclassification?

Non-differential misclassification occurs when the probability of individuals being misclassified is equal across all groups in the study. Differential misclassification occurs when the probability of being misclassified differs between groups in a study (Porta et al. 2014).

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Similarly, it is asked, what is differential misclassification?

Differential misclassification. Differential misclassification occurs when misclassification of exposure is not equal between subjects that have or do not have the health outcome, or when misclassification of the health outcome is not equal between exposed and unexposed subjects.

what is misclassification of exposure? Nondifferential misclassification is when all classes, groups, or categories of a variable (whether exposure, outcome, or covariate) have the same error rate or probability of being misclassified for all study subjects.

In this regard, what does non differential mean?

Non-Differential Misclassification. Non-differential classification error happens when the information is incorrect, but is the same across groups. It happens when exposure is unrelated to other variables (including disease), or when the disease is unrelated to other variables (including exposure).

Is recall bias differential misclassification?

Recall bias occurs most often in case-control studies, but it can also occur in retrospective cohort studies. In contrast, if one group remembers past exposures more accurately than the other, then it is called "recall bias" which is a differential type of misclassification.

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