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What is my cars green score?

The Green Vehicle Guide uses a 0-10 emissions score and the fuel economy numbers to compare environmental performance across vehicle classes. Larger numbers, whether emissions score or fuel economy, are more environmentally friendly than smaller numbers.

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Similarly one may ask, what qualifies as a green vehicle?

A green vehicle, or clean vehicle, or eco-friendly vehicle or environmentally friendly vehicle is a road motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on gasoline or diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels.

Likewise, what is a green star rating in cars? The highest scores out of 10 are awarded to the cars with the lowest emissions. The Overall Star Rating is a sum of these ratings. The Greenhouse and Air Pollution ratings are combined with equal weighting to calculate a Green Vehicle Guide score out of 20.

Also know, how do I find out the co2 emissions of my car?

If you look in your V5C registration certificate for your car, the emissions rating is listed there. Or, you can find the fuel consumption and emissions information for a new or used car on the government certificate agency website.

What is considered a low emissions vehicle?

A low-emission vehicle is a motor vehicle that emits relatively low levels of motor vehicle emissions. The term may be used in a general sense, but in some countries it is defined in air quality statutes.

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