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What is Monosomy?

Monosomy is a form of aneuploidy with the presence of only one chromosome from a pair. Partial monosomy occurs when a portion of one chromosome in a pair is missing.

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Beside this, what is an example of Monosomy?

Medical Definition of Monosomy Monosomy: Missing one chromosome from a pair. For example, if a female has one X chromosome (X monosomy) rather than two, she has Turner syndrome.

Secondly, how does a Monosomy occur? Monosomy (the lack of one member of a chromosome pair) and trisomy (a triplet instead of the normal chromosome pair) are typically the result of nondisjunction during meiosis. When this happens, one gamete shows monosomy, and the other shows trisomy of the same chromosome.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a Monosomy disorder?

Turner syndrome is a genetic condition caused by an abnormality on one of your sex chromosomes. It's also called monosomy X, gonadal dysgenesis, and Bonnevie-Ullrich syndrome. Only the female sex develops this condition. Turner syndrome occurs when part or all of one of your X chromosomes is missing.

Which is worse trisomy or monosomy?

However, the gene-balance idea does not tell us why having too few gene products (monosomy) is much worse for an organism than having too many gene products (trisomy). Along the same lines, in well-studied organisms, there are many more haploabnormal genes than triploabnormal ones.

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