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What is Meiji Chocolate?

Chocolate. Meiji Milk Chocolate. Number 1 chocolate manufacture in Japanese market by sales. Our first chocolate was introduced in 1918, after which we released Meiji Milk Chocolate in 1926. This mellow chocolate is made from carefully selected ingredients and manufactured according to strict specifications.

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Hereof, is Meiji Chocolate good?

Meiji Chocolate Kouka is made with 72% cacao, resulting in a sharp taste of chocolate a refined bitterness that is suitable for even those who are not fans of chocolate. Plus, this chocolate is actually good for your health and figure.

Additionally, what is Meiji Black Chocolate? The Meiji Black Chocolate Bar is very famous in Japan and is a must-try for any chocoholic, with its rich cocoa taste. Meiji is possibly Japan's best-known confectionery company, and it has been producing chocolate bars since 1926 - plenty of time to perfect its recipe of fine-tasting, creamy chocolate.

Keeping this in view, is Meiji Chocolate Japanese?

Japanese manufacturer of sweets and snacks, Meiji, had an unexpected hit last year in convenience stores and supermarkets with a new line of high-end chocolate bars. The chocolate bars, with their attractive yet minimalist design and highly crafted contents were dubbed simply, meiji·THE Chocolate (??·?·??????).

How much is Meiji chocolate in Japan?

The price for Meiji Chocolate Macadamia and Meiji Chocolate Almond ranges from 180 yen to 190 yen per box, depending on the place you bought it from. This chocolate is perfect for anyone who prefers something more than just a bar of plain chocolate.

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