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What is meant by secondary aging process?

Secondary Aging. This is the processes result from disease and poor health practices (e.g. no exercise, smoking, excess fat and other forms of self-damage) and are often preventable, whether through lifestyle choice or modern medicine. Being physically active is one way to slow and reverse secondary aging.

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Thereof, what is secondary aging?

Secondary aging refers to changes that are caused by illness or disease.

Likewise, what is the major difference between primary aging and secondary aging quizlet? Terms in this set (40) Primary aging refers to changes that occur on a molecular and cellular level within the body; these type of changes are an unavoidable part of aging. (ex: wrinkling skin, greying hair, etc.) Secondary aging is aging that occurs due to lack of exercise or poor nutrition.

Thereof, what are primary and secondary aging How do they differ?

Primary aging is a consequence of biological factors that are largely uncontrollable. Secondary aging can be influenced by lifestyle changes. Primary aging. consequence of biological factors that are largely uncontrollable. You just studied 19 terms!

How does heart disease represent both primary and secondary aging?

Primary aging - the universal and irreversible physical changes that occur to all living creatures. With age the heart pumps more slowly and the vascular network is less flexible increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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