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What is meant by neo mercantilism?

Neo-Mercantilism Law and Legal Definition. Neo-mercantilism is an economic theory that maximizes the benefits to and interests of a country such as higher prices for goods traded abroad, price stability, stability of supply, and expansion of exports with concomitant reduction of imports.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the difference between mercantilism and Neomercantilism?

The main difference was that most of their businesses were state-owned. Over time, they sold many state-owned companies to private owners. This shift made those countries even more mercantilist. Neomercantilism fit in well with their communist governments.

Also, what is an example of mercantilism today? Other examples of mercantilism in the modern world include all the tariffs that all the countries levy against each other. Any form of protectionism, whether it be tariffs, non-tariff trade barriers, or government subsidies of individual companies or groups of companies are forms of mercantilism.

Regarding this, what exactly is mercantilism?

Mercantilism, also called "commercialism,” is a system in which a country attempts to amass wealth through trade with other countries, exporting more than it imports and increasing stores of gold and precious metals.

Is China a neo mercantilist nation?

Yes, the claims that China is following a neo-mercantilist policy are valid because China has been trying to maintain a trade surplus (which is the definition of neo mercantilist); placing high import tariffs on certain goods (refer to qtn 3).

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