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What is maximum variation sampling?

Maximum variation sampling is what the name implies: a sample is made up of extremes. or is chosen to ensure a wide variety of participants. Samples collected are typically small (from 3 up to about 50).

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Also, what is maximum variation sampling in qualitative research?

Maximum Variation Sampling This is a purposeful sampling strategy. The aim is to sample for heterogeneity. When using a maximum variation sampling method the researcher selects a small number of units or cases that maximize the diversity relevant to the research question.

Likewise, what is extreme case sampling? Extreme (or deviant) case sampling is a type of purposive sampling that is used to focus on cases that are special or unusual, typically in the sense that the cases highlight notable outcomes, failures or successes.

Moreover, what is the meaning of maximum variation in series of data?

Instead of seeking representativeness through equal probabilities, maximum variation sampling seeks it by including a wide range of extremes. The principle is that if you deliberately try to interview a very different selection of people, their aggregate answers can be close to the whole population's.

What is purposeful sampling?

Updated February 09, 2020. A purposive sample is a non-probability sample that is selected based on characteristics of a population and the objective of the study. Purposive sampling is different from convenience sampling and is also known as judgmental, selective, or subjective sampling.

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