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What is Longshore Drift BBC Bitesize?

Longshore drift is a process of transportation that shifts eroded material along the coastline. Waves approach the coast at an angle. Swash carries sediment up the beach at an angle. Backwash carries sediment down the beach with gravity – at right angles to the beach.

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Furthermore, what is Longshore Drift GCSE?

The movement of the material is known as longshore drift . Waves approach the coast at an angle because of the direction of prevailing wind. The swash will carry the material towards the beach at an angle. The backwash then flows back to the sea, down the slope of the beach.

Additionally, what is the process of longshore drift? Long shore drift is the process of deposition and transportation where sediment zig-zags along a coastline. This occurs when the prevailing wind hits the shoreline and an angle, or the waves are deflected.

In this regard, what is longshore drift and how does it work?

Longshore drift happens when waves moves towards the coast at an angle. The swash (waves moving up the beach) carries material up and along the beach. The backwash carries material back down the beach at right angles. This is the result of gravity.

What is a longshore drift in geography?

The transport of sand and pebbles along the coast is called longshore drift. The prevailing wind (the direction the wind ususally blows from) causes waves to approach the coast at an angle. The swash carries the sand and pebbles up the beach at the same angle (usually 45º).

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