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What is library cache lock in Oracle?

The library cache load lock Oracle metric occurs when the process is waiting for the opportunity to load an object or a piece of an object into the library cache. The loads of SQL statements are serialized and locked in exclusive mode, such that only one process can load an object or a piece of an object at a time.

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Also asked, what is Oracle library cache?

The Library Cache is a piece of memory within the SGA that Oracle uses in order to store SQL Statements. Whenever a Process issues an SQL Statement, the text of the Statement goes into the Library Cache where the statement is parsed an validated.

Subsequently, question is, what is library cache pin in Oracle? The library cache pin Oracle metric takes place if the process wants to pin an object in memory in the library cache for examination, ensuring no other processes can update the object at the same time. The library cache pin wait usually happens when you are compiling or parsing a PL/SQL object or a view.

Also know, where is library cache lock in Oracle?

Library cache lock will be obtained on database objects referenced during parsing or compiling of SQL or PL/SQL statements (table, view, procedure, function, package, package body, trigger, index, cluster, synonym). The lock will be released at the end of the parse or compilation.

What is library cache lock?

Description. The library cache lock controls the concurrency between clients of the library cache by acquiring a lock on the object handle so that one client can prevent other clients from accessing the same object or the client can maintain a dependency for a long time (no other client can change the object).

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