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What is leafleting campaign?

Leafleting is a tried and tested way of getting information about a product, service or event to a large group of people quickly and effectively. Companies that use leafleting as a marketing tool to promote their business do so due to its success rate and ability to target specific audiences.

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Moreover, is leafleting illegal?

Flyers & leafleting. No federal statute prohibits placement of leaflets on windshields, but the activity is not specifically protected, either — the federal government has left any regulation up to the states. One state — New York — does prohibit the practice, as do ordinances in many cities and towns.

Furthermore, is leafleting effective? Leaflet distribution can be an effective means of marketing that generates leads and sales for almost any company if done correctly. According to industry studies, 48% of consumers respond to leaflet ads while 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to someone, glance over the contents of the flyer.

Also, what does leafletting mean?

noun. a small flat or folded sheet of printed matter, as an advertisement or notice, usually intended for free distribution. one of the separate blades or divisions of a compound leaf. a small leaflike part or structure.

How long does it take to drop 1000 leaflets?

Going by the simple analogy made above of 700-1000 leaflets in a day, it is safe then to conclude that it will take about half a 7- hour working day to deliver 400 leaflets, i.e. roughly 3-3.5 hours.

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