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What is King Spa in Dallas?

King Spa is a smaller, less hectic alternative to Spa Castle. It was exactly what I needed - super nice saunas to ooze out all the toxins and WOW how relaxing. Used every single room except the water park, super clean and not at all crowded on a Thursday afternoon.

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Similarly one may ask, how much is king spa Dallas?


Categories Male/Female Price
Admission fee All (Ages 12~ ) Ages 2~11 Infants (0~23 months) $45 $20 FREE
Vital Scrub(40min) * Female $70
Green Tea Treatment(60min) * Aroma Ceremony Scrub(90min) * Female $100 $120
Body Scrub * King Scrub(60min) * Gold Scrub(70min) * Male $55 $90 $125

Beside above, what should I bring to King Spa? Things I bring are towel, hair ties, swimsuit, flip flops, socks with grip, small make-up bag if I am not heading straight home your credit card for food and drinks.

Secondly, does King Spa serve alcohol?

Alcoholic drinks are available at the water park area. You can even schedule a massage or body scrub for yourself, for an extra charge. Every purchase you make inside the spa is charged to your wrist band, which is collected during the checkout. Once entered, you can stay for 24 hours.

Can you sleep at Spa Castle?

The spa is open 24 hours. There are no sleeping facilities unless you book a room at the hotel. There are several areas in the spa where you can relax late at night.

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