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What is Juliet's enemy?

Juliet Capulet is barely a young adult when she meets and falls in love with a family enemy, Romeo Montague.

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Similarly, what does Juliet say is her enemy?

Juliet says that her enemy is not Romeo, but only his.. Why does he scold Romeo? He finds it wrong to be in love with Juliet when he had been in love with Rosaline for such a long time("love is in your eyes, not your heart.")

Also, what is Juliet's personality? Character Analysis Juliet Juliet is presented as quiet and obedient; however, she possesses an inner strength that enables her to have maturity beyond her years. When her mother suggests that she marry Paris because Paris is rich and good looking, Juliet responds: "I'll look to like, if looking liking move" (I. 3.97).

Also Know, what does Friar Laurence say about the earth?

Friar Laurence The earth, that's nature's mother, is her tomb; What is her burying grave, that is her womb.

Why does Romeo reveal himself?

What does Romeo ask Friar Laurence to do? First, he's angry that Romeo has replaced his love for rosaline so quickly. He changes his mind because he thinks it will ease the feud between the two families.

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