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What is Jekyll and Hyde behavior?

Jekyll and Hyde Behavior means that a person acts a certain way one minute, only to be the complete opposite the nest. Narcissists act similarly because they are one person while in a social setting or around other people, but when they are alone and with someone they trust, a whole different personality arises.

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Just so, what is a Jekyll and Hyde personality?

noun. a person with two distinct personalities, one good, the other evil. (as modifier)a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality.

Furthermore, why do I feel like Jekyll and Hyde? The Jekyll-Hyde personality is being super nice and abusive to the same person, not different people. This is the sign of an abuser. The only reason the abuser wouldn't have been Mr. Hyde to someone is they haven't been around that person long enough yet.

Herein, how do you deal with Jekyll and Hyde personality?

From the Inside Flap

  1. Know whether you are in a relationship with a Jekyll and Hyde.
  2. Overcome your tendencies toward denial, self-blame, and isolation from others.
  3. Trust your perceptions and identify and confront Jekyll and Hyde behavior.
  4. Determine whether the Jekyll and Hyde in your life has a personality disorder.

What disorder does Dr Jekyll have?

Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiple personality disorder is the more common name for what is known by doctors and psychologists as dissociative identity disorder, or DID. This name change was made to help convey that people with this disorder do not have multiple people in their bodies.

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