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What is IUID Registry?

The IUID Registry is the Department of Defense's master repository for all IUID data, allowing the government to manage and track end items, legacy items, updates and rebuilds, and other property. Its custody status (i.e., government vs. contractor) Description of how it is marked for tracking.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what does Iuid stand for?

Item Unique Identification

One may also ask, why is Iuid important to the DoD? IUID labels are important because the DoD requires a 2D barcode on all qualifying mission critical assets. This global unique identifier, in the form of a barcode, is the mechanism that the DoD uses to automate tracking all of its inventory.

In this regard, what's a UID code?

A unique identifier (UID) is a numeric or alphanumeric string that is associated with a single entity within a given system. UIDs make it possible to address that entity, so that it can be accessed and interacted with.

What is an enterprise identifier?

3 An enterprise identifier is a code uniquely assigned to an enterprise by a registered issuing agency.

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