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What is it called when metal is Rainbow?

Titanium is nicknamed “The Rainbow Metal” in some jeweler circles because it can be anodized in an electrolyte solution to produce a variety of colors. The colors are created by passing electricity through it to produce a light-refractive oxide on the metal's surface.

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Also to know is, what is it called when metal changes color?

In chemistry, chromism is a process that induces a change, often reversible, in the colors of compounds.

Likewise, is iridescent a color? Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. Pearlescence is a related effect where some or all of the reflected light is white, where iridescent effects produce only other colours.

Just so, what is iridescence and what causes it?

Iridescence, however, occurs when an object's physical structure causes light waves to combine with one another, a phenomenon known as interference. Light reflected from the top layer collides with the light reflected from the bottom layers to cause interference.

What metal is blue in color?


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