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What is intraosseous anesthesia?

Intraosseous anesthesia (IA) allows direct placement of the anesthetic solution in the cancellous bone adjacent to the tooth programmed for anesthesia. Since the anesthetic solution is targeted directly to the tooth requiring treatment, the surrounding soft tissues are usually not affected (1).

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Thereof, what is Intraligamentary anesthesia?

Periodontal Ligament Injection (Intraligamentary Injection) The periodontal ligament injection has been used for a number of years as either a method of obtaining primary anesthesia for one or two teeth or as a supplement to infiltration or block techniques.

Furthermore, what is a Ligajet? A Ligajet (Miltex) was used to anesthetize individual teeth, eliminating a numb lip and tongue.

Also asked, what is a PDL injection?

The periodontal ligament (PDL) anesthetic technique involves using high injection pressure to force the local anesthetic solution through the PDL into the can- cellous medullary bone surrounding a tooth.

What does Supraperiosteal mean?

Adjective. supraperiosteal (not comparable) (anatomy) Above the periosteum quotations ?

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