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What is Insulbrick siding?

Insulbrick is a fibreboard sheathing coated with tar and added granular material, similar to asphalt shingles. The surface was stamped with a brick or rectangular stone pattern. Insulbrick is a brand name and was used for all types of asphalt siding much like most tissues are called Kleenex.

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In this way, does Insulbrick siding contain asbestos?

Also known as Insulbrick. It is usually handled as a non-asbestos material. It may contain asbestos, but the asphalt encapsulates any fiber during manufacture, and it is not likely released during normal removal.

Similarly, how can you tell if siding is asbestos? The only true way to identify asbestos siding is to have it tested. It does have some characteristics too look for. It is ususally in a shingle/shake form 12″x24″. It may be smooth, or have a pressed wood-grain pattern on the surface of the board.

Similarly, can you still buy asphalt siding?

Reply: We have not found any of the U.S. asphalt product manufacturers such as GAF, Certainteed, Oldcastle who currently produce asphalt-based building siding such as the brick-pattern you asked about.

When was asphalt siding popular?

Asphalt building siding became a popular building renovation alternative to painting weathered or rotted wood clapboard or wood shingle siding as early as the 1930's, becoming popular in the 1940's and the 1950's in North America where it was used both for low-cost housing and for covering the deteriorated exterior

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