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What is in a chimney sweeping log?

Chimney cleaning logs are used to reduce creosote and build-up of tar and soot in the fireplace. These are dark particles of debris that are deposited on chimney walls and surfaces after burning wood or logs. Chimney cleaning logs are used to minimize the accumulation of such wastes.

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Herein, how does a chimney sweeping log work?

Sweeping logs are infused with special chemicals that release when the log burns in the fireplace. These chemicals react with the creosote layers and break them into smaller fragments. Eventually, the creosote deposits are reduced to ash that crumbles down into the fireplace.

Also Know, do chimney cleaning logs actually work? Getting back to the question of “do those chimney sweeping logs really work?” the first part of the answer is yes, they do work – to some extent. These types of logs contain a chemical catalyst with can reduce the early stages of creosote buildup up to 60% with repeated use.

Beside this, are creosote logs toxic?

Hazards of creosote buildup Creosote is combustible, so its buildup can cause a chimney fire. The reduced draft will allow dangerous toxins into your house.

How often should you burn a creosote log?

Hirsch says homeowners should ideally burn one creosote log for every 60 fires in order to reduce creosote buildup in the chimney flu.

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