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What is high quality classroom assessment?

~ High-quality classroom assessment involves substituting technical types of validity and reliability with concerns about how the assessments influence learning and provide fair and credible reporting of student achievement. ~ For teachers, the primary determinant of quality is how the information influences students.

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In this regard, what is high quality assessment?

High quality assessment takes the massive quantities of performance data and translates that into meaningful, actionable reports that pinpoint current student progress, predict future achievement, and inform instruction.

Similarly, what are the four steps in classroom assessment? Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating, and Reflecting.

Also to know is, what is quality assessment education?

Quality assessment design plays a vital role in the education process. A well-designed and well-communicated assessment task sets clear expectations for students. The task should provide opportunities for students to self-monitor, rehearse, practice, and receive feedback.

How can quality assessment be achieved?

Assessments that Are Valid, Reliable, and Fair should accurately evaluate students' abilities, appropriately assess the knowledge and skills they intend to measure, be free from bias, and be designed to reduce unnecessary obstacles to performance that could undermine validity.

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