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What is Hampton style decorating?

Hamptons style interiors are usually light, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that comes across as effortless and calming. “Hamptons style interiors are an American version of the French interior design styles Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

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Likewise, people ask, how do you decorate a Hampton house?

5 tips for decorating a Hamptons style home! | Gold Coast Interior Design

  1. Work with a neutral colour palette. Hamptons style interior decorating is always centred around a neutral, coastal colour palette.
  2. Include natural and organic textures.
  3. Be inspired by the sea.
  4. Light it up!
  5. Use your artwork to tie it all together.

Subsequently, question is, where does Hampton style come from? Coastal and casual, the Hamptons interior design style – originally inspired by a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York – has come to represent elegant and relaxed coastal living.

Furthermore, what are Hampton Colours?

The essential Hamptons colour palette for interiors includes soft blues and greens, neutral grey, stone and sand and whites, slightly on the warmer side. The key when using a main feature colour is to layer accessories with lots of texture and incorporate complimentary subtle colours in decorating elements.

What is Montauk style decor?

In short, Montauk décor is closely related to Hamptons style, but with a slightly edgier, earthier palette and an emphasis on natural wood. The use of wood panelling and nautical motifs are common.

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