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What is glue code in cucumber?

Runner File with Glue Code
It contains the location of Feature Files and the package containing the corresponding Step Files. Thus it glues the Feature Files with the Step Files and glues both with the cucumber runtime. It also specifies the format in which the test result will be rendered.

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Likewise, what is glue code in BDD?

Glue Code is the code that interacts directly with your application. There are two kinds of Glue code – Step Definitions and Hooks.

Additionally, what is glue cucumber? Glue. It is almost the same think as Features Option but the only difference is that it helps Cucumber to locate the Step Definition file. Whenever Cucumber encounters a Step, it looks for a Step Definition inside all the files present in the folder mentioned in Glue Option.

Beside this, what is dry run in cucumber?

Dry run gives you a way to quickly scan your features without actually running them. dryRun option can either set as true or false. True: It means that Cucumber will only checks that every Step mentioned in the Feature File have corresponding code written in Step Definition file or not.

How does cucumber find step definitions?

If Cucumber is telling you that your steps are undefined, when you have defined step definitions, this means that Cucumber cannot find your step definitions. You'll need to make sure to specify the path to your step definitions (glue path) correctly.

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