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What is gamete short?

A gamete is the male or female reproductive cell that contains half the genetic material of the organism. When two human gametes meet — that is, a sperm cell and an ovum — you get a zygote, a fertilized egg. And, if all goes well, that zygote will become a human baby. Definitions of gamete.

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Similarly, what is gametes in biology?

Gametes are the cells used during sexual reproduction to produce a new individual organism or zygote. The male gamete, sperm, is a smaller, mobile cell that meets up with the much larger and less mobile female gamete, egg or ova. Both sperm and egg are only haploid cells. They only carry half of the chromosomes needed.

One may also ask, what is another name for gametes? Synonyms. germ cell spermatozoid anisogamete spermatid sex cell reproductive cell sperm sperm cell egg cell antherozoid isogamete oosphere ovum spermatozoan spermatozoon. Etymology. gamete (English)

Likewise, people ask, what is a gamete example?

The definition of a gamete is a reproductive cell that has a single set of unpaired chromosomes and that can join with another cell to reproduce. Sperm that is ready to join with an egg to fertilize the egg and reproduce is an example of a gamete.

How many types of gametes are there?

In many species, there are two types of gametes whose form and function are distinct from one another.

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