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What is front stage and back stage?

Goffman makes an important distinction between "front stage" and "back stage" behavior. As the term/concept implies, "front stage" actions are visible to the audience and are part of the performance. People engage in "back stage" behaviors when no audience is present.

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Also question is, what does front stage mean?

Front-stage behavior is the display meant for 'public' consumption: witty, urbane, dangerous, smart, smooth, down-to-earth, intellectual, anti-intellectual. This depends on the audience, of course, and it is meant to make oneself look good. Backstage behavior is closer to the real self, less varnished, less an act…

what is backstage in sociology? In sociology, the terms "front stage" and "back stage" refer to different behaviors that people engage in every day. Developed by the late sociologist Erving Goffman, they form part of the dramaturgical perspective within sociology that uses the metaphor of the theater to explain social interaction.

Also Know, what are the back stage and front stage areas of your life?

Front-stage (as depicted in the video), back-stage (where the individual is not as obligated to "perform for the audience" but still acts in a way that is motivated by the audience's perception of the individual), and off-stage (where the individual is their true self).

What is a social front?

Performance. An essential element of each performance is something called (social) front, which is a "general and fixed fashion to define the situation for observers". It's the symbolical 'equipment' employed by the performer to evoke a particular definition of the situation.

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