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What is found in the medullary cavity of adults?

In adults, the medullary cavity contains fat (yellow marrow) and is called the yellow marrow cavity. In newborn infants, the medullary cavity of the diaphysis and all areas of spongy bone contain red bone marrow.

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Then, what is found in the medullary cavity?

The medullary cavity (medulla, innermost part) is the central cavity of bone shafts where red bone marrow and/or yellow bone marrow (adipose tissue) is stored; hence, the medullary cavity is also known as the marrow cavity.

Subsequently, question is, do flat bones have a medullary cavity? The outside of the flat bone consists of a layer of connective tissue called the periosteum. The interior part of the long bone is the medullary cavity with the inner core of the bone cavity being composed of marrow. Flat bones have broad surfaces for protection or muscular attachment.

Beside above, what does the medullary cavity contain in adults?

The medullary cavity is the hollow part of bone that contains bone marrow. The bone marrow makes blood cells and stores fat. Spongy bone (also called cancellous bone) is made up of small, needle-like pieces of bone arranged like a honeycomb.

Which bones do not have a medullary cavity?

Modified long bones: These bones either have modified shaft or ends. They have no medullary cavity which is present in the typical long bones. Examples of this class of bones are clavicle and body of vertebrae.

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