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What is forebrain in psychology?

The forebrain, or prosencepalon, is the most forward part of the physical brain. The forebrain controls (amongst many other functions) body temperature, reproductive functions, eating, sleeping, and emotional display.

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Similarly, what is in the forebrain?

The forebrain. By far the largest region of your brain is the forebrain (derived from the developmental prosencephalon), which contains the entire cerebrum and several structures directly nestled within it - the thalamus, hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the limbic system.

Similarly, what is midbrain in psychology? Midbrain, also called mesencephalon, region of the developing vertebrate brain that is composed of the tectum and tegmentum. The midbrain serves important functions in motor movement, particularly movements of the eye, and in auditory and visual processing.

In this way, what is the function of the forebrain?

The forebrain controls body temperature, reproductive functions, eating, sleeping, and the display of emotions. At the five-vesicle stage, the forebrain separates into the diencephalon (thalamus, hypothalamus, subthalamus, and epithalamus) and the telencephalon which develops into the cerebrum.

What are the three parts of the forebrain?

The forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain make up the three major parts of the brain. The structures in the forebrain include the cerebrum, thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, limbic system, and the olfactory bulb. The midbrain consists of various cranial nerve nuclei, tectum, tegmentum, colliculi, and crura cerebi.

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