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What is focal spot blooming?

Focal spot blooming is an increase in the focal spot size at increased tube current and/or decreased tube potential. In this work, we evaluated the influence of tube current on the focal spot size at low kV for two CT systems, one of which used a tube designed to reduce blooming effects.

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Moreover, what is a focal spot?

Focal Spot. The focal spot is the point where the electron beam impinges on the tube anode and from which x-rays are emitted. The size of the focal spot is determined by the size of the filament and cathode, which is determined by the manufacturer. Most x-ray tubes have more than one focal spot size.

Also Know, what is the difference between actual focal spot and effective focal spot? Refers to the focal spot size when measured directly under the anode target. The actual is measured on the target itself. Actual Focal Spot does Not Change. Effective Focal Spot is measured under the Anode and changes in size depending on the angle of the target.

Likewise, people ask, what does focal spot size effect?

Basic concept. Size and shape of the focal spot is determined by the size and shape of the electron beam when it strikes the anode 1. the electric field created between the cathode and anode: focal spot enlarges as current increases due to the repulsion of adjacent electrons (blooming effect)

What is focal spot blur?

An image that shows much detail and distinct boundaries is often described as being sharp. Unsharpness is especially noticeable at the boundaries and edges within an image. In the early days of radiography, the term penumbra was often used to describe the unsharpness, or blur, produced by x-ray tube focal spots.

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