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What is encrypted field in Salesforce?

Encrypted Custom Fields are a new field type (released after winter 08) that allows users to store sensitive data in encrypted form and apply a mask when the data is displayed (e.g., Credit Card Number: XXX-XXX-XX-1234).

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Just so, is my salesforce data encrypted?

Encrypt data at rest. The Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption solution encrypts data at rest when stored on our servers, in the database, in search index files, and the file system. To encrypt data at rest and preserve functionality, we built the encryption services natively into the Salesforce Platform.

who can view encrypted in Salesforce? 4 Answers. By Default no profile can see Encrypted Data. Only those profile which has “View Encrypted Data” permission can see encrypted fields and by default this permission is not given to any profile. You have to active this permission in profile by checking “View Encrypted Data” check box .

Also, what is platform encryption in Salesforce?

Shield Platform Encryption lets you control and rotate the key material used to encrypt your data. You can use Salesforce to generate a tenant secret for you, which is then combined with a per-release master secret to derive a data encryption key.

Are encrypted fields in the salesforce searchable using SOSL and SOQL?

Encrypted fields in SOQL and SOSL queries. Salesforce does not allow use of encrypted fields in the WHERE and ORDER BY clauses of a query. These clauses are used in Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) queries in BMC Remedyforce code.

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