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What is Elaine Joyce famous for?

Elaine Joyce is one of the most famous American actresses. She has made appearances in Funny Girl, Such Good Friends and Route 66.

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In this way, what happened Elaine Joyce?

Joyce was married to television producer John Levoff from 1985 until their divorce in 1992. From September 1999 until his death in August 2018, she was married to playwright Neil Simon, who died on August 26, 2018, from complications of pneumonia after being on life-support while hospitalized for kidney failure.

Furthermore, did Elaine Joyce have any children? Taylor Van Daughter Michael Levoff Son

Simply so, what did Elaine Joyce do for a living?


Who did Elaine Joyce marry?

Neil Simon m. 1999–2018 John Levoff m. 1985–1992 Bobby Van m. 1968–1980

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