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What is elaborated code and restricted code?

ELABORATED AND RESTRICTED CODE. oxford. views updated. ELABORATED AND RESTRICTED CODE. Terms introduced by the British sociologist Basil Bernstein in the 1960s, referring to two varieties (or codes) of language use, seen as part of a general theory of the nature of social systems and social rules.

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Accordingly, what is restricted and elaborated code?

The restricted code is suitable for insiders who share assumptions and understanding on the topic, whereas the elaborated code does not assume that the listener shares these assumptions or understandings, and thus elaborated code is more explicit, more thorough, and does not require the listener to read between the

Also, what is elaborated code? a style of language use associated with formal situations and characterized by explicitness, lack of dependence on the external context, syntactic complexity, and individuality of expression. Compare code(def 11b), restricted code.

In respect to this, what is restricted code?

a style of language use associated with informal situations, characterized by linguistic predictability and by its dependence on the external context and on the shared knowledge and experience of the participants for conveying meaning. Compare code(def 11b), elaborated code.

Is Basil Bernstein a Marxist?

Although structuralist in its approach, Bernstein's sociology drew on the essential theoretical orientations in the field— Durkheimian, Weberian, Marxist, and interactionist—and provided the possibility of an important synthesis. Primarily, however, he viewed his work as most heavily influenced by Durkheim.

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