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What is eating my foxglove leaves?

Japanese Beetles
The adults emerge from the soil in early to mid-summer and fly onto ornamental plants like foxgloves to eat the leaves. Japanese beetle damage gives leaves a lacy appearance where the insects have eaten the soft tissue between the leaf veins.

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Similarly, you may ask, do animals eat foxglove?

Common foxglove and various Digitalis cultivars are toxic to humans. Although the animals do not prefer foxglove, a hungry deer will eat almost anything, including foxglove plants. For this reason, the species is listed as deer-tolerant or deer-resistant.

Furthermore, is Foxglove an invasive plant? This plant, also sometimes commonly called purple foxglove, fairy gloves, fairy bells, lady's glove, or many other things, is widely naturalized outside its native area, commonly near roads, and in some places is considered a weed or invasive plant. It is hardy in zones 4-9.

Then, how do you deal with foxglove?

If you're concerned, wash your hands well after handling the plants - and don't put the leaves, stems or flowers into your mouth! Foxglove is a very popular garden plant and the only cases of toxicity I know of have been from people deliberately eating the plant. Best wishes with your foxglove plants.

Why are my foxglove leaves turning yellow?

The primary symptom of poor pH in foxglove is chlorosis. Chlorosis, or leaf yellowing, usually occurs because of nutrient deficiency. Chlorotic leaves lack chlorophyll, making them unable to convert sunlight into plant energy. Iron, nitrogen and magnesium deficiencies are common causes of chlorosis.

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